Tuesday, December 25, 2007

37 Days...

Thursday, November 8, 2007
I heard myself say the other day that the wedding was 39 days away. I couldn't even believe it. Six weeks sounds so much longer than 39 days! And now it's just a couple days away from 5 weeks.Since the last post lots has happened. Biggest and most fun was my shower and bachelorette party last weekend. The shower started at 2, although a bunch of people came early which was fun. Jenna made some delicious food and put together a signature drink for the afernoon - snowflake martinis. I may have had too many (and too little to eat). But they were delicious and they kept me calm... and very very warm. Lots of people got to come to the shower and some of them I hadn't seen for a long time. The only downside was that I felt like I didn't get a chance to talk to everyone. People were yelling from the other end of the room while I opened gifts that they couldn't hear me or see the presents. I think they may have given up on me eventually. But I was feeling my martini's and I already thought I was being silly. I couldn't bring myself to shout and wave the gifts around. I just know I would have broken a lamp or something. The limo arrived at 6, and after a mild wardrobe dilemma, the girls were ready to go! We piled in and enjoyed some champagne Jenna provided for us on the way into Baltimore. We had dinner at Houlihan's at the inner harbor and then headed over to Power Plant to Howl at the Moon. The plan was to go different places, but we ended up having such a good time there that we stayed until it was time to go. It was very entertaining, as always. We laughed and sang and laughed some more. The girls even put together enough money to get me on stage! It was crazy but very fun. I even got called back up on stage later but that time it was to do a dance for some guy's birthday. I opted to do a dance with this other drunk girl who was up there too. We kind of saved each other because neither of us had any interested in dancing for this dude. I was willing to do a variety of shots including an irish car bomb with Jenna, Jello in a large plastic syringe(?) with Annie & Dina, and a girl scout cookie with Sam! It was a blast :o)In other weddinig news, I found my centerpieces and bought my shoes. I've also paid a few more deposits / balances. What fun! I'm excited that things are getting done, I just have to worry about the things that aren't done. Up next- putting center pieces together, buying some decorations for the altar, and some detailed "day of" stuff. Other than the wedding though I have Christmas shopping and a 10-page paper to write for school. Those things intimidate me. Amy volunteered to go Christmas shopping with me though. I've learned that I just have to choose a day and get those things done. I'm hoping I can Christmas shop in one day... we'll see. I'm also pretty sure I can write my paper in one day, or maybe one weekend. Right now ER is on and this little post has taken me an awful long time to write. More later!

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