Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Two down, Mine to go!

Monday, July 23, 2007
Another spectacular weekend has come and gone, and so has another beautiful wedding shower. That leaves just ME of the three we were part of this year. I'm totally amazed that I am going to be married soon.Our weekend was practically a blur. Friday night we didn't have plans so we drank wine and watched Arrested Development. I think I said this before, but you really should pick those up. It was fun to just sit around and laugh together at all the dumb things we think are funny. Saturday morning involved some sleeping in, snuggling, and then a lot of housework. We worked really hard all day trying to get our dining room cleaned out, bins labeled and stashed, and some shelves put together and filled. It was fun to go through some old books and pictures and actually sit some of them out. I finally have a place to do that. About 9:00 we stopped and decided we should have dinner. I threw some chicken tacos together and we finished eating right before Ben and Jenna came over for a sleepover. We had stuff to do with them on Sunday so they came to hang out with us Saturday night. We somehow got to talking about people from high school and ended up looking through old yearbooks and talking about people. That is always a blast. Sunday everyone had to be up early. Josh and Ben were going to play paintball all day while Jenna and I were attending Annie- my step-brother's fiance's wedding shower in Annapolis. We had a very pretty Spanish themed brunch and watched her open her presents. It was a lovely time. I'm really excited for their wedding. I'm not sure how many of you know about this year's wedding trio between Josh's family and mine. We had three big family weddings this year. First was his brother Nathan's on June 16th. Three months later is my step-brother Rick's on September 21st, and three months after that is ours on December 15th. We knew this year would go by quickly once the weddings started because they were all only 3 months apart. So this weekend was the shower for the second of those three. That means I'm next! It also means we need to get busy with some of the plans we still have left. Upcoming this week however, we have a Silverchair concert at the 9:30 Club tomorrow, a Ben Folds/John Mayer concert on Wednesday at the Verizon Center, a party Friday night and a cookout on Sunday. This is what lists are for. I think I'll go make one. More later! (i.e. whenever I can) :-)

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