Tuesday, December 25, 2007

School's out for the Summer!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007
Our busy weekend has come to an end. Nathan and Erin's wedding was gorgeous. We had such a wonderful time. The ceremony started at 11am, followed by a reception until 5:30, and an after-party until about 10:30 that night. It was a long day of fun with friends and family. Everyone was beautiful and we all had a great time eating, drinking, and dancing the day away.Sunday was Father's day which we spent with Josh's parents and some of the remaining out-of-town guests. Then it was back to the work week for most people. For me, Monday was the first day of summer vacation! YAY! I got to sleep in and then spend the day cleaning at the new house. It felt good to be productive even if that meant scrubbing bath tubs and mopping floors... all the things I never have time or energy to do during the school year.Yesterday I had my graduate school interview at Johns Hopkins University where I am applying to the Master of Science in School Counseling program for this coming fall. The interview went well, and wasn't really much of an interview. My advisor, Dr. Alan Green, was a tall African-American guy wearing a Hawaiian shirt and dread-locks to his waist. He came across as slightly less than an intimidating figure. We sat down at a small round table where he asked me where I'm from, where I went to college, where I live now, and what I do for a living. He then asked why I chose counseling, and why I chose Hopkins. Upon answering those two questions, he began making suggestions for what classes I'll want to take in the fall, and then in the spring. He proceeded to have me sign a paper or two stating that I understand the expectations of the school for my performance and asked if I had any questions. "Yes, just one." I replied, "Does 29th street go back to 83?" He assured me that it would if I turned left. And we parted with a handshake and "Have a nice days." Simple as that, I'm officially a grad student.Today I need to go see a florist to talk about flowers for the wedding. has been keeping me on track with what to take care of and when. Not having planned a wedding before, I don't always know when it's time to start planning this piece or that piece. So I've been overdue on several things which is indicated by a purple exclamation point next to each overdue item on the checklist. Flowers is a big one. We did finally book our DJ, but we are still running behind schedule with flowers, invitations, and ceremony music. Oops. And with that, I'm going to run upstairs to get myself together and head over to the flower store!

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