Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Birthday Weekend

Sunday, June 3, 2007
I'm 25 now! My actual birthday was Friday June 1st, but the celebration lasted all weekend. Friday was just a great day at work. It started with a planning period which is always great and my team leader treated both 6th grade teams to donuts in honor of my birthday. Throughout the rest of the work day my students were uncommonly well behaved. I even had 2 girls who I taught last year come down to my office during lunch time and bring me flowers, balloons, brownies, and a candle. The day also ended with a planning period which means I could have left early but I had hall duty so I graded some 3-week old papers instead.After school I had some time to relax with Josh before we met up with my familiy for an awesome dinner at P.F. Chang's in Columbia where I enjoyed crispy honey shrimp to the fullest. We followed dinner with brownies and ice cream at my mom's... delicious!Saturday morning was spent watching our favorite 4-year old, Ray play in his last tee ball game of the season. After that it was back to my house to prep for the party. We shopped, chopped, ate and entertained. The party was a blast. Almost everyone was able to make it and I had a great time getting to talk to everyone and catch up. I even got to meet Andy & Laura's new baby, Lucy who was precious beyond words.This morning when I woke up we still had some left over guests who enjoyed waffles and pastries with us for breakfast. I couldn't have asked for a better birthday weekend. And now that it's all over I have one last 5-day week of school remaining during which we will pack ourselves silly, settle on our house, and hopefully get Josh moved in. I can't wait!

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