Tuesday, December 25, 2007

One Year and a House

June 3, 2007 5:02 pm
Yesterday was our first anniversary. Hooray! First year of dating over.That said, we've come a really long way in one year. The biggest thing going on right now besides our wedding being 6 1/2 months away is that we've just bought a house! It was almost by accident. We just randomly started looking around at places to live-- inspired by my desire to work at a different school that the one I'm in now. Naturally, I discovered a place I just had to have. And Josh being the dedicated darling that he is got on the phone with the realtor (friends of his roommates) the very next day. As luck would have it, the place I just had to have was already under contract. But the realtor promised to find us something similar. Within a week's time we looked at a place on the Columbia/Elkridge line that was a tad out of our price range. Of course, we don't realize this until we walk through it exchanging adoring glances at the turn of every corner. But my husband is in the business of salary negotiations so when we sat down to write a conract it was for significantly less than the asking price and included all closing costs. We left feeling like it was never going to happen for us. If the seller countered it would probably bump the price out of our range. The odds of them accepting was slim. Nevertheless, we got a phone call the next day from our stellar (really stellar) realtor saying that our contract was accepted! We could hardly believe it but were incredibly excited. All we could say was that it must have been meant to be!Our seller had already moved to Florida and wanted to close as soon as possible so June 7th we settle and hopefully move Josh in over that weekend. I'll be there a heck of a lot, but won't officially move in until after the wedding.And of course as soon as we get set up we'll invite you over to check 'er out :o)

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