Tuesday, December 25, 2007

When do you go back?

Thursday, August 16, 2007
That's a really evil question. For some reason non-teachers think that it's a good conversation starter. As a teacher, I don't want to think about when I have to go back. Yet, once August hits and the entire "Seasonal" section of Target is piled high with fresh school supplies, everyone wants to know when we have to go back. When you're going on vacation, do you like to think about and talk about when you have to come home? Not unless your house is flooding or there is something equally alarming or exciting waiting for you.In spite if my desire for eternal summer, the beginning of a new school year is both alarming and exciting. I always look forward to a new batch of kids and imagine them all being tiny and nice, unlike the creatures I have so recently bid "good riddance. " I look forward to putting new policies into place and seeing how they'll work out. I look forward to doing better this time and growing as a professional. I get excited to set up my classroom, hang my posters, and do my best to make it look like an inviting learning environment. I get excited to make the students excited about learning.But, a new school year is also alarming. It's alarming that I'm starting my third year already. It's alarming that I'm basically starting over as far as lessons go because my room has been outfitted with this state-of-the-art "ActivBoard" that has replaced my chalkboard, overhead, and tv. I am very excited to use this nifty piece of technology, yet alarmed that I will be observed by the higher-ups on an almost daily basis to ensure the board is being utilized properly and to evaluate its effectiveness. I'm alarmed at the thought of another group of kids even approaching the little terrors that I had last year. I am comforted only by my 4 summer school kids who were so nice.Above and beyond all that, the start of this school year means my life is that much closer to changing forever. In a few short weeks my step-brother gets married. Just less than 3 months after that is my wedding. Balances are due, parties are being planned, details and decorations are being decided upon, and invites are being addressed. All of the many details are going to have to get worked out while I'm teaching. More than that, I start grad school on August 29th, two classes, two nights a week. It's going to be a challenge to get all the fine details settled while so much else is going on. Let's not forget, planning 5 lessons for a substitute while I'm gone on my honeymoon.In other words, we know it's going to work out. Just wish me luck. And somebody, please, tell me if I'm becoming bridezilla :o)

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