Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Tuesday, August 7, 2007
We have been engaged for 1 year today! I know a lot of couples don't end up being engaged for a whole year before their wedding, so for us it was a fun date to recognize and celebrate. I can't believe it has been a year. The time goes quickly, and yet I can barely remember what it was like before we were together. A lot has happened in a year that we have to be grateful for. We have been very blessed as a couple. That reassures us that beyond a doubt we are meant to be together.At this point, a year after getting engaged, we have most of our wedding plans made. And I'll be honest, I thought I'd have more made by now than I actually do. I taught summer school so that slowed me down some. But other than that, things just take time. Meetings have to be scheduled, research has to be done. All in all I'm very happy with my progress though. We have a place, food, drink, music, flowers, dresses, photography, invitations, and at least ideas for most of the remaining things. Right now my biggest focus is on tuxedos, creating the "altar" since we aren't getting married in a church, rehearsal dinner, and getting invitations addressed. I have dates for my shower and bachelorette party that the bridesmaids are lovingly planning. It's not half bad. The only thing I have some minor stress over is our ceremony musicians whom we haven't heard from recently and need to talk business with.Josh had originally planned to take off work today so we could spend the day together. Unforutnately, I had to attend a training for work this morning in Rockville so he decided to pick a different day instead. As a result, I will be spending the rest of today putting the dresser together (yes the dresser), cutting down some hedges in the front yard, and possibly giving the dog a bath. I also need to go to the store- there is no bread, milk, or bottled water. And since 90% of our diet includes cereal or sandwhiches, there may as well be nothing to eat at all. That's a little "engaged-couple" humor for ya ;o)And Amy, you should defnitely start one! If you can't decide, go back and read my very first post

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