Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Flowers, invitations, hotels.. oh my!

Monday, June 25, 2007
I remember when I couldn't wait for summer break so I could just go nuts with the wedding plans. Well, here we are at summer break, and go nuts I have. Remember those pesky purple exclamation points I talked about before? They're still there. But this week I have been productive.I have spent a good part of the week printing Save The Date cards and little stickers to go inside that people can mark their calendars and planners with. This idea came from Martha Stewart and I thank her sincerely. Once they were printed they required separating, folding and the little stickers had to be cut and glued in. That stuff took up most of today. What did not take much time was ordering my invitations on Monday and getting them in the mail today. Yay!I have also spent this week trying to make a decision about flowers. My experience with two local florists was less than spectacular. I first just dropped by each place to talk to someone briefly about what might be available to me in December. That would at least give me a starting point to think about what I wanted. One place was very kind and showed me pictures and chatted about colors and so forth. The other place will remain nameless but could apparently offer no information about flowers because "the wedding lady" was not there at that time. Ok fine, I didn't have an appointment. So I called the next day and made an appointment for two days after that. Well surely I show up for this appointment and "the wedding lady" is just sitting down to her lunch. Needless to say she was no help to me. So I promptly pulled out my phone, took pictures of the arrangements in the book that I liked, and told the ladies I wasn't feeling well. Tomorrow I am going back to the first place (with an appointment) to place my order. Yay!One thing that is not going well at all is our required pre-marital counseling. Don't get me wrong, we haven't started the counseling yet. Scheduling it is the issue. Today I finally got in touch with the counseling service my pastor referred us to. Now mind you, this was not a suggestion, we were told this is the counseling service our pastor has a relationship with which we needed to use. I am told by this place that they actually require more counseling than my pastor does. Josh and I would need to have 10 one and a half-hour sessions of counseling to the tune of $160.00 per hour. An email was sent to the pastor saying we were unwilling to agree to this. More details as this story develops...And tonight I'm really feeling summer break-ish so I'm up way later than usual. I'm pretty excited to watch Conan O'Brien for the first time in a very very long time. That's where I'm off to. More later!

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